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5 Great Craft Ideas For Kids And Number Beads

Mar 12, 2021
Kids And Number BeadsKids And Number Beads


When you are a crafter who uses beads, you children often want to get involved too. To them, it seems fun and gives them an opportunity to make something of their own that they can use or give as a gift. Here are 5 great craft ideas for kids using number beads.

#1 – Number Garland

Depending on your child’s age, you can get larger numbered beads that will work well with little hands. You can have them string up the numbers placing a different beat or knot in between to hand in their room. A great way to educate kids on their numbers, it also allows them to display what they made.

#2 – Number Bead Curtain

If your child has a closet in their room, instead of them being frightened or hiding in there, you can have them make a number beads curtain. You can style it in a number of different ways, such as each strand could have one number, and then hang the consecutive numbers or each strand could have all the numbers, or lines of numbers across.

This is a great option because number beads are relatively inexpensive, generally made from durable plastic and can be strung with any durable stringing material that you have that isn’t terribly expensive. It also will allow your child to make some decorator choices in their room.

#3 – Belts

Kids love wearing belts and letting the make one themselves using beads in a great way for them to take pride in their appearance and in their handy work. You can use the large or small beads strung together to make a beautiful belt that will want to wear. Making this item will also increase dexterity and fine motor skills.

#4 – Decorating Their Shoes

Kids love their shoes and they love decorating them, whether with a color crayon, ink pen or beads. You can have them put number beads at the end of their shoe strings or you can have them glue them. Many children wear Crocs style of shoe and love to add little decorations to them. Let them glue a few numbers here and there.

#5 – Jewelry

There are a wide range of options available for jewelry. There are clasp, tied or stretch bracelets and necklaces. Not only for themselves, but they can make one a personalized gift for friend, family member or teacher. The pride the child will have in giving something they made for that person will be immense, and help develop good self-esteem and confidence in them.

Allowing children to create their own crafts helps them to develop fine motor skills, increases manual dexterity and can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment that will increase their self-esteem and confidence. This is something that parents work towards when it comes to their children. Using these 5 craft ideas for kids and number beads will allow you to do just that.


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