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Restaurants, the Best Location to Eat Someting!

People seem to love the exotic aroma of Indian spices and achaars. India is certainly the place for amazing Indian food but London is not far behind. London also plays…

Philippine Food – A Food Lover’s Guide

When it comes to food the Philippines has it all — a fabulous mix of foreign cuisine plus its own mouth-watering delicacies. Background As a result of its successful mix…

Chinese food, American style

It is often a running joke that what Americans consider Chinese food is entirely of our own making, and would be found by cooks and diners in China completely foreign…

I Return to Thailand to Pursue a Lifelong Dream – Competing in Muay Thai in Thailand

Not much action to share on this entry. It is Sunday. Tiger Muay Thai is closed, but the rest of Soi Ta Ied is not. Stepping out of my hotel…