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How Fast Does Feng Shui Work?

Jun 18, 2021
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A lot of people ask me, “How fast does feng shui work?”

That’s because most of you want to know how soon you can expect to see results in your life after implementing feng shui into your home. Those with little knowledge and experience may either have pessimistic or overly optimistic expectations about exactly how much and how soon the changes they make in their home can start to help them by having an impact on their lives.

How fast and by what degree feng shui can start to have an impact on your life depends on your personal circumstances. There is a vast multitude of possible situations relating to each person’s love life and relationships, health and well-being, wealth matters and career goals. The feng shui concepts that are best to implement for a specific problem have varying levels of success and various time lines until we start noticing improvements in our lives. It also depends on whether the problem that you are trying to eradicate from your life is a persistent one, which will require a long term solution and therefore take a longer time to resolve, or whether the problem is only temporary and can therefore be resolved sooner. Examples of persistent problems include the following:

• Despite my efforts, I have never been able to save money
• I feel as though my love life has been none-existent for years

Long term problems such as these require long term solutions. To think that you will be able to adjust the balance of energy in your home and start seeing immediate results is unrealistic. If you make the proper changes in your home, you can expect to see modest results within a few months, depending on the severity of the situation.

Examples of situations in your life which may be temporary, and will therefore require different solutions include things such as:

• In the last few months, I feel like my relationship with my other half has become stale and lacks passion
• I am recently having some difficulties growing my personal investments (a problem I didn’t have until recently)

Another point to remember is that feng shui relates to your Earth luck, and your own personal effort to overcome your own challenges is another factor that will affect the amount of time it takes. In Chinese culture there are also ‘Man Luck’ (which is your own personal luck based on your efforts in life) and ‘Heaven Luck’ (which was instilled into you at birth, and is something you have no control over). Although we cannot do much to control our Heaven Luck, we can do things to adjust our ‘Man Luck’ and our Earth Luck. Some quick adjustments to your home can yield results within a few days if the problem itself is a temporary one. This problem may be caused by the Chinese calendar year changing (from the 4th of February every year), which will mean that the energy of your home could have suddenly been altered. In these cases, making the proper adjustments to your environment can yield almost immediate effects, but it requires you to have enough knowledge to be able to make the correct changes in your home.


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