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Hypnosis As a Tool For Self Improvement and Long Term Weight Control

Apr 1, 2021


Hypnosis has come a long way from an entertainment industry gimmick to a high quality self change and self improvement tool. But many people still do not understand the many facets and capabilities of this great tool when applied to the self change and self improvement arena. Perhaps a brief look at this concept will help to broaden our understanding of this resource.

Stereotypes And Misconceptions Of Hypnosis

It has been a long and difficult road for the hypnosis industry to achieve any level of respectable acceptance. The idea that hypnosis is some mysterious secret force that we are powerless to defend ourselves against, is more about marketing and hype than it is about anything real. The stereotype that one person can control another without the other persons consent is based on the misconception that we have no personal power.

The fact that this idea could take hold in the minds of so many people for so long, is itself based on the widespread existence of, and surrender to, the concept of fear. What is critical to understand here is that there is no specific fear involved, but rather a general fear of personal power. At this point, most people focus on specific fears such as that of losing control, being taken advantage of, becoming vulnerable etc. But these are all based on the denial of personal power.

Why would anyone be afraid of having power? Because personal power brings personal responsibility and the more power we accept, the more responsibility we must take on. Personal responsibility simply isn’t the most popular idea on planet Earth these days and it is even difficult to find in the historical record as well. The trade offs for the denial of personal power are numerous but can generally be classified under fear, weakness and vulnerability. This is one reason why it has taken so long for the concepts of Hypnosis, Hypnotism and self Hypnosis to be recognized as legitimate methods for achieving personal improvement goals and objectives.

The Hypnotic State And The Subconscious Mind

Few people recognize the importance of a state of mind, but this is critical to any real work in the area of self change and personal development. Whether we achieve a particular state of mind through meditation techniques or the techniques of hypnosis, in the end, it is the state of mind that is the first goal. Without it, all subsequent goals will be handicapped if not rendered impossible.

It is a well known fact that personal power is based on our ability to connect with the subconscious mind, the true source of spiritual power, and without it, we have little control over our minds and therefore our lives. Our ability to work with the subconscious mind is something that we have to develop through practice and self discipline.

All this may sound mysterious and complicated but it is actually very simple in concept. The basic structure of personal power is built on the idea that we are spiritual beings capable of physical presence and in that physical presence we manifest mind which is capable of thoughts which in turn are the well spring of all that we experience in the so called material reality. If our thoughts are so powerful, how important then is our ability to develop control over those thoughts?

The Self Improvement Toolbox

No matter what area of self improvement is your goal, you want to have the best and most powerful skills, techniques and strategies available in order to achieve those goals. Meditation, self talk, affirmations, conditioning and suggestion are all tools that are evolving into effective method that can help us achieve success in one of the most difficult undertakings, changing our own beliefs and behavior. But the two most powerful of these tools are meditation and hypnotism.

Whether your goal is a simple change of a personal habit like smoking, or life threatening behavior like lack of appetite control, these tools are real and very effective. But there is always that one critical element that is so necessary in the beginning, our desire, and this might be a good first goal to use these tools for.

Hypnosis is currently being used very successfully in the area of weight loss and weight control. Follow the link below to check it out.


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