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Is There a Connection Between Your Dog’s Itchy Skin and His Gas?

Apr 19, 2021
Dog's GasDog's Gas


Is your dog’s itchy skin driving you crazy with the constant scratching? Does your dog have gas that can clear a room too? Have you ever thought there might be a connection between the non-stop scratching and foul odors filling your home?

Dog gas is essentially your dog eliminating toxins from his body. When the digestive system is unable to process and utilize nutrients, noxious gas is the result. Another result of your dog’s inability to process these nutrients is poor nutrition, which is a major cause of your dog’s itchy skin.

Think about your own gas (yes, everyone has gas whether they admit it or not – it’s a natural bodily function). When you are healthy, eating healthy foods, you will likely have low amounts of gas that are not overly noxious. Eating certain foods will react differently in your body, some of these foods cause a noxious gas, others not. A lot of it has to do with how well your digestive system can break down the foods and utilize the nutrients in the foods. When your body is unable to break down the food, you can experience excessive gas, constipation, or diarrhea.

So, if your dog has persistent, noxious gas, it probably has something to do with his dog food. A lot of commercial dog foods are highly processed and have a low-nutrient value. This causes most of the dog food to just sit in his digestive tract, undigested and not utilized for the most part. This produces noxious dog gas, as well as an unhealthy coat, which results in itching and scratching, as the skin is unable to get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

The best thing to do if your pet is experiencing both itchy skin and gas is to change his dog food.

If you are feeding a commercial dog food, read the ingredient labels and look for one that is natural, with minimal preservatives and additives, and quality ingredients. Organic is best, but also tend to be the priciest (just like with human food). There are few good, natural dog foods out there, but don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and wording on the bag – look at the actual ingredients on the ingredient label!

If you are feeding homemade dog food, then your dog is already getting quality nutrients. However, one or more of those nutrients is not digestible for him. Every three or four days, try changing or removing one ingredient at a time to see which affects his noxious dog gas.

By changing your dog to a natural, quality dog food diet, you should see a change in your dog’s gas within a couple of days. However, your dog’s itchy skin can take a few weeks to correct itself, but you should observe a noticeable decrease in scratching after a few days.


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