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Martial Arts Instructor

May 19, 2021
Martial ArtsMartial Arts


This instructor teaches a classroom of students the respect and techniques along with being skilled in fighting arts and with learning. Even if you are great in martial arts, you might not make a good martial arts instructors.

Traits and skills a martial arts instructor should have

• Be in great physical condition
• Have a good rapport with people
• A high level of patience
• Knowledge of martial arts
• Skilled in one or more styles of martial arts fighting
• It takes time to learn all the different techniques so you may be required to work one-on-one with some students because they are having trouble grasping the concepts and techniques being taught
• There are some who can pick up the instructions quicker than other students but in order to a great instructor you have to have the time and patience to work with students who are having trouble to make sure that they know the proper technique and correct form. They need understand that every student is different and if one technique does not work, develop a new technique that is easier for them to understand and do.
• Have the ability to command discipline and respect but in a way that students do not feel they are being looked down upon or threatened.
• You should be able to listen to the student’s questions, ideas, or suggestions without being disparaging and have the ability to answer questions in a way the student understands
• To have a successful relationship between the instructor and students they need to both a mutual respect for each other.
• They need to be in top form, mentally and physically
• Have a good character and work ethic

An instructor is responsible for training others. Many focus on teaching students of various ages but there are some that teach just adults or children. They may also perform demonstrations or hold workshops.

To become an instructor there are three requirements, in addition to having a love for martial arts.

• Here you need to have a high degree of proficiency with a ranking of a black belt at least. This requirement can be the most time-consuming and difficult one to meet. To get a black belt can take at least two years but may take as long as four or five years. It depends on the specific discipline plus how much time per week you have to train.
• Have the ability to teach others the skills and techniques of martial arts is very critical
• Have a good sense of business because some may plan to open their own martial arts studio.


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