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The secret to giving women G-spot orgasms so intense they’ll scratch the walls! (3 tips)

Feb 28, 2021


Very few women have ever had G-spot orgasms, but most women would LOVE to try them! You can be the man to give it to her! These orgasms will be so hot, long and intense … you don’t know what will happen.

1st tip. Preparing the!

Women need to be emotionally ready to have large and prolonged orgasms. If they feel controlled, tense, and emotionally upset, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

First, help him to be relaxed, to feel loved and ready to receive your greatest attention. Get started up to 72 hours before you want your special sexual feast! A note, a gift, flowers, and even a good text message can make her feel really relaxed and attractive.

Second tip. Giving you the in-between orgasms.

Make sure you kiss well. Women love it because it is so romantic and hot at the same time. Kissing is the most intimate thing you can do.

Then go to her breasts and give them your full attention. Annoy and suck them, with the idea of ​​giving orgasms to her breasts.

Then come down to her clit and take it. Most women need a good clitoral orgasm to unlock their G-spot faucet. So tease her until she has a good release.

Now go to its G-spot and rub it towards you situs slot gacor terpercaya with one or two fingers. Use steady, steady pressure. If she likes naughty talk, be sure to help her that way.

Stroke her until she climaxes.

3rd tip. Sending her to the moon!

Now combine clitoral and G-spot orgasms. You can easily place your fingers inside her, or your tongue, and your thumb on her clitoris. Work both together. Once you have practice, you can tell him how you are doing with each of the different types of climaxes. Try to make both of them work together.

This will force your tongue to press in and also push it out at the same time. This is very erotic and she will be shaking and convulsing. Many will have judi slot online jackpot terbesar an ejaculation. Try many different combinations, including orgasms from her breasts.


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