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The Truth About Money and Relationships

Apr 5, 2021
Money and RelationshipsMoney and Relationships


MONEY!! Ergh! Are you arguing or disagreeing with your partner about money? Sad truth is that you are not the only one. According to a research conducted by Ramsey Solutions, money is the number one reason most couples fight, and the second leading cause of divorce after infidelity.

Most people in this generation are actually facing a lot of financial turmoil while single. You can imagine how much worse it becomes when another person is added to the equation. This is true especially when you and your partner don’t have the same financial priorities.

Imagine if you are looking to save for an investment while your partner wants to burn money on vacations or spending time with friends. It is important as a couple that you start planning your financial future from the get go.

Is money important in a relationship?

Money is a very sensitive subject for many people in relationships. Some are of the school of thought that love conquers all while others believe that it doesn’t pay bills. Money is important because it dictates what you can do as a couple and places limits on your relationship.

There are many expectations when you are living with or seeing someone else; and there are endless ways in which money factors into a relationship. It is important therefore to work towards being stable for a lasting relationship that will not be shaken by a lack of money.

When in a relationship, your personal financial responsibilities become the relationship’s financial responsibilities. A roof over your head is also a roof over the head of your partner. Your bills also become theirs too. This means that failure of your partner situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 to provide leads to problems for both of you.

Reasons why Money is Important in a Relationship

  1. Power

With money comes power; and with power, you are able to make independent decisions including leaving a toxic relationship. There are many people enduring toxic relationships all because they depend on their partners for provision. If you are in a financially stable relationship, you get the power to leave a toxic relationship without worrying for yourself or your kids.

  1. Luxury

Everyone wants the good things in life; and even if they are not looking for extreme luxury, they might just want to live a comfortable life. Money ensures you can get whatever you want or need at a given time. Want to take a vacation to the Caribbean? Want to buy your children the latest X-Box? Boom! With enough money, nothing material is out of reach.

  1. Happy, healthy children

If you have kids, money becomes even that more important. The pride of every parent out there is in providing for their children. With money, you are able to offer them the best in health, education, security and everything else they need to grow into happy and healthy children.

  1. Peace

With enough money between the two of you, the arguments reduce significantly. With a financially stable relationship, none of the partners will have to worry about situs slot gacor ulterior motives from the other.

It is important to pay attention to money matters in a relationship. Be open with your partner about your financial situation and expect the same from them. Talk about money, the future and your expectations to prevent it from becoming a stressor in the long run!


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